Common Questions

I will start with common questions that I’ve received from many of my clients.

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Q: A First Comment.

A: The first time you run the device, it will take 2 to 4 minutes to download all the updates. The device will be a little slow, but afterwards, no delays.

Q: Is this legal?

A: Yes. As almost all networks are using the internet to send their content, that makes it available to all persons. The internet is free for all to use, therefore the content is free to all. If you are uncomfortable with this, please pay your subscriptions.

Q: Can I see my favorite shows?

A: You can see them all, even if they were taped such as the day before. Many of them you can see live depending on the feed from the flagship station.  Again, please refer to the user manual.

Q: What can I not see live?

A: Presently CNN, bravo and a few other smaller ones; NBC is problematic, at times. With that said, please investigate the Add-ons and see if it available.

Q: What can I see and when can I see it?

A: You can see anything you want anytime you want as long as you have a good Internet connection of at least 7 MB per second.

Q: Do I need to download my movies and TV series?

A: No. With that said, if you have an internet connection, it will always be there for you.

Q: Can I download movies, TV shows?

A: Absolutely, there are four USB ports on the device allows you to do whatever you wish to do.

Q: Can I plug in a keyboard or mouse?

A: Absolutely there for four USB ports that allow you to put in either wired or wireless mouse connection or keyboard connection.

Q: I have buffering or pausing or delays?

A: Please check your internet connection, as it needs to be at least 7 Mb. If not, maybe the feed is not working well. This happens occasionally from the provider.  Again, if not connected by ethernet, you will need to check the signal at the TV, not the modem.

Q: Is there a subscription?

A: Never. I have applications that I’ve taken off that requires subscriptions; that is your choice, but I do not believe in subscriptions or sharing my private information. With that said, if you wish to have a subscription-based application, such as NBC Sports Extra, please go ahead.

Q: Is this user-friendly?

A: Some clients have mentioned it’s a little difficult to understand, but another client, not computer savvy has mentioned it to her only 3 to 4 minutes to figure it out. We always refer back to the user manual.

Q: My Visual is smaller or larger than my TV Screen?

A: Please go to the setting and adjust it; normally I use 0% to – 2% of zoom (in Kodi) and 92% of the original size (in the settings on the home page).  Each TV delivers different sizes (due to manufacturer specifications), so I suggest customize it to your desires. This is only done once for each TV.  Again, please refer to the user manual.

Q: What is my guarantee?

A: I provide a seven day trial period after payment to see if you like it. If not, please bring it back with all the items and I will reimburse you completely. This device has no moving parts so it either works or does not, which is why I offer a seven day guarantee.  This guarantee does not cover installation or set-up charges.

Q: The remote is hard to work with?

A: There is a free downloadable app for smart phones and tablets that allows you to have even a better remote; that is included in my manual.

Q: Why should I share this with my clients friends, family and renters?

A: It allows them to have the choice to choose whatever they want whenever they want and from which provider they wish to see it from. Again, no subscriptions.

Q: Who would like this?

A: Anyone that wants to be free of subscriptions, as well as monthly payments to all Cable companies. I believe the target market is someone that desires to have what they want, when they want it.

Q: What does it have to offer?

A: Anything that you wish is likely on there; some of the channels may not work but with that said there are thousands and thousands of channels both live and recorded. Always for free.

Q: Why is this different from Roku and Apple TV?

A: With Roku and AppleTV, they only offer what they want to have you see. My device allows you to see whatever you want to see, with no subscriptions. I am the only provider to offer all Mexican stations live.

Q: Do I need to set up a VPN?

A: No, as I have only used it on an open modem connection. That is available if you wish, and is in the settings area for Kodi.

Q: Is this device Geo-Blocked?

A: Certain feeds, such as CBC do not allow viewers outside of the borders of Canada. Their are a few more in Europe. But very few.

Q: Do I need to update the device?

A: No, it automatically does it each time you turn it on.

Q: Parental Protections and Controls?

A: Yes, this device offers that option, in the settings areas.

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